How to target the right audiences with your ads ?

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The initial situation

Hi guys!

When your competitors advertise on Facebook, they will tend to target people who follow big, obvious audiences.  

But the truth is, you’ll have much better performance if you target people who follow lesser-known people.

As usual at ClassGrowth, we will give recommendations only for the online courses and coaching apps industry. We will focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Let's go!

Romain Torres

Let me give you an example:

I'm sure there are millions of people follow Tiger Woods without actually being interested in golf.  

But among those millions of people, only a small percentage know the name of the 2nd best golf player.  

Those people are the ones really interested in golf If we sell golf clubs, for instance, we will look for the names of the 2nd to 10th best golf players in the world.  

This way we would really target people who are into golf.

It’s by targeting very specific and narrow audiences that we’ll get the best results.

Which non-obvious celebrities/media do they follow?

The ideal celebrity has between 100K and 1 Million followers.  

>1M celebrities would be too obvious  

<100K celebrities would not be recognized by the Facebook algorithm

Are there some particular tendencies they are interested in?

For instance, I’m sure there are different types of golf, but only people who love golf are aware of those tendencies. We should target the people who follow those tendencies.  

Again, the ideal audience should be between 100K and 1M people.

Are there other items they usually buy?  

For instance, if we sell golf clubs, we should not only target people who are interested in buying golf clubs, we should also target people who buy golf gloves or golf balls.  

Same thing here, we don’t want to be too precise because Facebook won’t be able to target too small audiences.

Romain Torres

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