Case study Drone Académie

With Loris Monteux

How did we launch a brand new online course and make $27 000 in 48 hours?

0 - Loris’s story

Loris is a brilliant filmmaker. 

But in another life, he was an engineer. Completely different right?

He's never set foot in a film school and he learned everything online. He's a real self-taught man.

5 years ago, he made a bold decision. He quit his job and decided to live from his passion.

The result is outstanding. Loris is the CEO of Uniprod, an incredible filmmaking production companies in France. He has worked with wonderful clients like Microsoft, Air France and Societe Generale (one of the biggest banks in Europe).

Loris loves his job, but he wanted to give back a little bit of what he learned on the internet.

In this article, I am going to show step by step how we (Classgrowth) worked hand in hand to create and launch an online course.

1 - The idea of his online course

This man is passionate about:

So, it was obvious, he wanted to combine his two passions: planes and video.

When we met Loris at the beginning of March 2020, launching an online course was just an idea. He didn’t even know the name of his future online course.

He had a lost of questions:

The first thing is to set the goal. Because without a goal, you can’t score. After a quick meeting, we decided to launch the drone académie 4 months later, on the 4th of July.

We said to Loris that we would be here until the launch. We reassured him that it is going to be fine!

For 4 months, we worked a lot. We focused on the strategy and the funnel while Loris was focusing on the content.

2 - The Strategy and the funnel

Loris collected a pretty decent number of followers, almost 24 000 (not fake one but genuine interest).

This audience is great because most of his followers are potential clients. But If you are serious about launching your online course, you can’t relate only to this audience.

You have to find different channel acquisitions.

At ClassGrowth, we believe that using Facebook and Instagram ads is a great way to improve your marketing and to increase your sales. You can reach many more people. 

So the strategy was simple. It had 5 steps

A - Post IGTV video on Loris’s Instagram. The 15th of June in the morning

B - The same day, post Facebook ads to collect emails

I cropped the image to show you a little more. But If you are interested, here is the link:

C - Capture the email.

We have collected 1116 emails for 2 weeks thanks to this strategy.

D - Nurture the people for 25 days with their email.

We shared a lot of valuable content with our subscribers. Thanks to this they were ready and desperate to buy the online course of Loris.

On the 4th of July, we were ready. We put together a lot of work to achieve outstanding results.

3 - The judgment day

I am going to show you exactly what we did from the 4th of July to the 7th of July.

It was like a special operation. 

4th of July, 12:00 pm 

It was like a bomb exploding. We posted an Instagram video to collect the first payment ($119)

Exactly at the same time we launch the first email to collect payments :

And to finish, we ran retargeting ads to collect payments 

For 3 days, we sent one email each day to collect payment. During this time, Loris was talking a lot about his online course and we were running retargeting ads.

This technique is called multi-touch. 

You target people through different channel acquisitions. 

In our case, for example, you would have been targeting through your mail, Facebook, and your Instagram feed. That’s a lot and it leads us to insane results.

I love it when a plan comes together ;) 

Let’s have a look at the results. 

4 - The results of this launch


We invested $803 in Fb ads during the pre-launch phase. We generated $14,516 in revenue from FB ads during the launch. 

This is an 18 x return on investment.

Let’s dive into it!

A - The lead capture email campaign.

We spent €706 and as you can notice we generated €6,188. If you are good at maths that means an ROI of almost 9. That’s a lot but don’t worry, this is just the beginning.

A quick graphic because we prefer when it is easier to understand :)

B - The retargeting leads direct email campaigns: 

A little bit of maths :

€27,76 spent and €1428 generated. 


So I guess that it is an ROI of 50…

And this is not over.

C - The Re-Targeting Direct Sales campaign:

A little sum up : 

€68,82 spent and €6,900 generated. I think that is an ROI of 100.

Game over !!!


We have 5066 visitors to the landing page, we collected 1116 emails.

It is a 22% conversion rate.

In this 1116 mails, we know that some of them converted through Facebook ads.

But the most important element is the sales that you have made right?

Of the 1957 landing page visitors, 225 bought the full program.

It is a 10% conversion rate. On a €119 product.

4 - The next step

We have collected a lot of data since the launch.

We know for example that the best audience appears to be 25-34 years old women. 

At this point, we have +200 ads running. 

Thanks to all the emails that we have collected. We can create a lookalike audience (It is an audience likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your best existing customers).

Usually, it works pretty well!

Our target goal is to maintain an ROI of 3x on ad spend with a €10 000 monthly budget.

We have a lot of strategies to improve our acquisition.

We are going to start working on the :

So as you understand, we always start with the most simple channel that we know. And then when we know that an online course has a huge potential, we spread out our empire to the world via multiple channels!

This also means that you don’t need a huge audience to sell your online course. If the work is well done you will have outstanding results and conversion.

Edouard Merle du Bourg

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