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Your acquisition is going to be sustainable and designed to scale. So more sales won’t mean additional work or pain for you.
You are going to witness a strong and growing income stream, every month.
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+1500 Ads
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+9700 Email subscribers
Irina Cumberland
in 3 months.

About us

Hi fellow course creator!

At ClassGrowth, we are a team of hard workers dedicated to grow and empower online courses.

Although we are marketers, first and foremost we are entrepreneurs and course creators like you. So we know exactly what you are going through.

Amazing investors are backing this journey. So as we don’t need your money, if we choose to work with you it is because we believe we can help you taking your online course to 6, 7 or 8 figures.

Over the last year, we have helped hundreds of course creators to increase their sales. We have been running thousands of ads. And most important, we have helped many more students to discover fantastic online courses like yours.

Dylan & Romain,


We’ve helped +200 course creators in the last 12 months. Here’s what they say...
Claire de Belloy
Queen Clairie App
“If you are wondering if it’s worth it to work with ClassGrowth, I can tell you it is. You won’t find another team working so hard to scale your online course. They increased our monthly revenue by 2.87K% and grow our course from 391 to 21 700 passionate singers.”
Henry Winslow
Henry Yoga App
“Thanks for this video. I appreciate the time you put into it and all the research you did on my content and our competitors. Do you offer ad management as a service?
PS: Jarret and I were in Brooklyn, too, until this year when we moved to LA. Do you practice yoga anywhere in BK?”
Ryan Kulp
Micro Acquisitions
“I like the way everything was organised from day 1. The creatives look great. $80 cost per acquisition on a $199 course. I’ll take unlimited of those.
Happy to refer more folks your way, stay tuned for intros!”
Rob Jones
Producer tech
“Hi Dylan, thanks so much for your help and recommendations! My marketing guy was impressed.”

About us

We're two french young hard workers that want to impact the lives of course creators. Having our own course helps us try the methods we're using with our clients. We're two french young hard workers that want to impact the lives of course creators. Having our own course helps us.
- Queen Clairie App -

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- Grew the community from 391 to 21 700 passionate singers.
- Increased the subscription plan from $0 to $30K.
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Discover Calm’s success story in the next case study.
- From 0 to 100M dollars.
- 3 700 ads running.

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